Aerith Dawnsong

Paladin Errant - body double to the Elf Queen


Aerith is a high elf paladin from a high-ranking noble family who served as a lady in waiting/body double to the Elf Queen. Originally, she chose to pursue training as a paladin, but was offered a place as a lady-in-waiting to the Elf Queen. After completing her training, she took on her dual role of service to the Elf Queen.

During her time in the Elf Queen’s Court, she assisted with numerous diplomatic missions as well as more covert/espionage-related tasks, as well as dealing with assassination attempts.

Despite being the youngest daughter in her family, Aerith was highly sought after by suitors for her family’s position of power within the Court. She has adamantly refused all marriage proposals; earning the nickname “Lady Iceheart” among certain circles of courtiers. Gorwin of House Flinar decided the way to melt the lady’s heart was to kiss her. In front of the entire Court. Naturally, Aerith did not take kindly to these advances and may or may not have broken his jaw.

Unfortunately for her, House Flinar’s alliance is crucial to many trade agreements, so Aerith was asked to temporarily remove herself from Court until such a time that House Flinar calmed their ire and taught Gorwin some manners.

And thus began her assignment as a field agent of the Elf Queen and paladin errant…

Aerith Dawnsong

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