Agnar Ghouldoom

Heroic father of Gellir Ghouldoom




The Village if Briarton has a but single dwarven resident yet also holds a valuable dwarven artifact in the temple. The artifact, a mace named Purifier, was wielded by Agnar Ghouldoom over a hundred years ago in a the war between the dark elves of Dezzavald and Corwyl.

An aspiring disciple of The Lich King, Orgoloth built a dark shrine to Urgathoa on one of the wake Islands and spent years raising drowned sailors and other dead from the sea and putting them ashore to sweep in and harry Corwyl with a plague of undead.

Agnar was an adventuring hero and he and his comrades swept the Wake Islands defeating scores of ghouls, skeletons and zombies. Orgoloth put to sea on a ship of bones and was driven ashore. Agnar fell in battle against Orgoloth near where Briarton stands now. His mace Purifier was lost for generations but was recovered when briarton was founded. As Lord Arundel had served with Agnar’s son in the war against the giants, the finding of the mace was considered a particularly good omen. When Gellir arrived a dwarven priest dedicated a shrine to hold the mace. His dedication included something of a prophecy: Purifier would keep Briarton free of undead and could only be removed from the village by a dwarf.

Agnar Ghouldoom

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