The Queen's River

Belog's Journal - The Dragonne

Dragonne.jpgWe followed the trail left by the dragged lumber, an elf lass has joined us, but it seems that Stron has decided to remain with the barge.

While we followed the trail, we recounted what we know about ogres, they’re large, they aren’t terrifically bright, but they do speak and can be reasoned with. We wonder if there is a way to lure/bribe the ogre into abandoning his alliance with the kobolds.

We must have been too focused upon our plans for the ogre, for we were ambushed by a dire bear. It has definitely already been in battle recently as evidenced by the kobold javelins embedded in its hide.

Neither we nor the bear were particular vested in the conflict, except cousin Lomac (who actually bit the bear!) so that when the bear attempted to flee, we let it. There were some kobolds that attempted to capitalize on our engagement with the bear to harry us, but a well timed magic missile dissuaded them. I also needed to save Selly using his own magic with a technique I read about, but never had a chance to try.

We resumed following the trail, and soon came to a clearing with a wooden tower used as a lookout post. Selly suggested it as a good place to camp for the night, and trusting to his judgement, we set up watches and settled in for the night. I was awoken by a sharp pain to my ear to discover that oversized ants were literally crawling all over us.

It took quite a while, and we each needed to help one another, but we were able to exterminate the ants, even the enormous one that showed up halfway through our battle, although that one merely fled. I was able to collect one of the oversized ants that while dead was not too terribly damaged. I will attempt to make a sketch for these journals, I must devise a way to clearly denote the scale.

We finally found the end of the trail, and it turned out to be a primitive sawmill. The ogre was there, but it had been killed by a creature I was initially unable to identify, it was certainly not a dragon, nor a manticore, nor a chimera, it wasn’t until the battle was over that I realized it was a dragonne.

Initially we wanted to find a hidden spot to observe the creature, but when we approached our chosen location, we learned there were already kobolds hiding there. They attempted to drive us away, but instead I began the song of heroes, alerting the creature to our presence and attracting it to our location.

The creatures roar upon arriving at our location was enough the cause several of the kobolds to feint dead away. During the battle that ensued, the same group of kobolds that attempted to ambush us during the bear fight tried their luck again, but after witnessing the dragonne get cleaved in twain by Aerith, they fled, once again. In a spectacular display of divine magic, Selly was also able to completely destroy the kobold that appeared to be in charge of the group hiding from the dragonne.

It is quite odd that a dragonne would be in this climate. They are traditionally desert dwellers, as are their dragon and lion progenitors. This matter will require some investigation, but that will have to wait.

After an examination of the kobolds and the mill, we have discovered several account ledgers detailing the poaching operation, and implicating a certain Orc. We returned to Briarton, but aside from some minor kobold skirmishes and another ant incident (the less said, the better) we arrived safe and sound.

We met with Captain Falandar who was so excited by our news, and evidence that he requested our assistance in leading the recovery team to salvage the remaining lumber. Our return with the liberated lumber was met with sincere gratitude and Lord Roderick Arunel of Briarton insisted on rewarding us with elf-made weapons. I have accepted an Ironwood Handaxe of Protection. While its artistry is passable, I feel that it will serve much better as a symbol of my status within these elf controlled areas, especially if I am to remain here for the foreseeable future.

Belog's Journal

It was suggested that I keep a journal of my adventures while working on my dissertation. I have decided that I shall.

Father insisted that I not travel alone, I have acquiesced for Mother’s sake. Cousin Sellywud shall join me on my journey, and truth be told, it will be comforting to have a familiar face around. He insists on carrying my heavier supplies, and I am wont to let him, he’s much more suited to the task than I am.

Upon our arrival at the embarkation docks, we encountered cousin <name>. He seems more well traveled than we, and we appear to have lifted his spirits with our presence.

In addition to several elves also traveling with use there was a Twygzog who appeared to be quite friendly with them, I surreptitiously collected some spores he was ejecting. I have read of a beer recipe that employs Eukaryotic catalysts and am anxious to see what results I can get with these.

Once we were underway I was quite glad I had my books, as there was nothing to do but watch the monotonous greenery slide by. I did notice that one of the barge crew was also a dwarf, albeit quite tall. Stron Guardsmanseemed to take a particular interest in our mundane conversations, presumably he has little chance to converse in Khuzdul.

Suddenly there was a rather boisterous disagreement between one of the Elves and the Bargemaster. Apparently there was a nuisance of Kobolds in the river, poaching lumber, and the Elves were rather indignant and demanding intervention on the part of the Bargemaster.

Selly was quite anxious to intervene, no doubt due to the boredom of river travel. I concurred and we were swiftly in command of the barge and intercepting the Kobalds.

The Twygzog, who’s name is Squib, charged at the Kobolds and I noticed he would need to maintain a precarious balance upon the logs in the river. I began to play an old Birling song I recalled:

Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk
I’m a lumberjack: no time to talk
Buzzsaw loud and flannel warm, I’ve kicked around
since I was born

Whether you’re a brother or whether you’re a mother
you stay on the logs, stay on the logs
Fell the lumber breakin’ and everybody shakin’
And we stay on the logs, stay on the logs
Ah, ha, ha, ha, stay on the logs, stay on the logs
Ah, ha, ha, ha stay on the logs.

Once we had engaged the Kobolds and dispatched a few, they fled. Squib followed the tracks they had been making and determined that something large – An Ogre or possibly a Giant – has been helping them drag the lumber father inland. We have decided to investigate, but first we must return the Barge to the Bargemaster in the condition we borrowed it. It’s only polite.

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