Stron Guardsman

Dwarven Eldrich Knight


Stron stands close to 6ft tall with very “robust” stature. He wear heavy armor to enhance this part of his appearance. Stron suffers from a rare form of dwarven giantisism that make his stature that of a tall human, which is is often mistaken for. He carries a maul as his favored weapon and a longbow, which his longer limbs seem more capable as utilizing. True to dwarf custom he has grown a full long beard that he decorates in the traditional fashion.


Being a misfit among his own people he was sent out among the humans to train in their ways and work among them. His typical dwarven gruffness has not played well among the humans, who often thought of him as boorish and gruff. This brought his training in the town guard to an abrupt end. He took this opportunity to board a river-barge and head towards home, but his indecision at returning home where he didn’t fit in kept him on the river-barge seasons after season, working the poles and cooking for the crew. Now, several years later he is seeming to be accepted by a far removed branch of his own family that seems to have eccentric tendencies of their own. Who knows where this new path will lead….

Stron Guardsman

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